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Happy 50th Anniversary, Mr. Pannozzo!

Happy 50th Anniversary, Mr. Pannozzo!
Peter Findler, Wakefield Social Studies Chair

by Peter Findler, Wakefield Social Studies Chair

As Chair of Wakefield's Social Studies Department and a long-time colleague of fellow Wakefield social studies teacher Bob Pannozzo, I ask you to join me in congratulating him: as of March 1, 2023, Mr. Pannozzo has completed 50 YEARS OF TEACHING!

Originally hired as part of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) in Danbury, Connecticut, Mr. Pannozzo served as a long-term substitute teacher from March to June of 1973, and then took on his first full-time teaching position the following fall. He has taught in a variety of schools and taught pretty much every type of social studies course one can teach, in addition to leading professional development workshops related to the art and science of teaching social studies, serving in various administrative positions, and obtaining his Ph.D. in political science along the way. He joined Wakefield's faculty in 2013.

Mr. Pannozzo remains a devoted educator, known for his deep and abiding care for his students and a wealth of expertise in his content area. He was recently recognized for his achievements by Wakefield School with the yearbook dedication of 2020-21. When I arrived at Wakefield in 2015, he helped me learn the ropes of the world of AP US History and provided timely and important feedback to help me improve my craft. I owe him a great deal of gratitude. Bob also remains a loyal husband and a great dad and stays active by hiking up and down the mountains and valleys of the Piedmont region.

And so, as we ring in 50 years of Wakefield School, let us also recognize and celebrate 50 years of teaching excellence from Mr. Pannozzo!