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Also Back: The Beloved Senior/First Grade Walk

Also Back: The Beloved Senior/First Grade Walk
Tutt Stapp-McKiernan

For years, until last year, Wakefield's first All-School Assembly of the new school year has featured a beloved tradition: the Senior/First Grade Walk, in which Wakefield's' oldest students symbolically escort the first grade into their future, heirs to the realm the seniors will be leaving behind at the end of the year. Last year the pandemic precluded this intimate ritual, but this year, with everyone masked until outdoors, the milestone was able to be marked once again.

Each June, when the final All-School Assembly of the year rolls around, the process is reversed, and the first grade fetes the soon-to-be graduates with poetry and song before escorting them out of their last-ever assembly, beginning the bittersweet progression of final experiences culminating in commencement.

After ten months of growth, change, and new experiences, neither the first graders nor the Class of 2022 will be quite the same people next June that they are now! Here's to the exciting 2021-22 school year that will lead to that far-off day.

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Senior/First Grade Walk Fall 2021