2017/2018 Productions:

Arts in the Lower School

Art helps children understand their world. Because of this, Lower School Art emphasizes individual creative exploration and expression of every child. The curriculum offers opportunities in the four primary media: drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture/construction. The Lower School Music's program is to provide students with basic concepts - rhythm, harmony, and pitch - as well as develop in them an appreciation for how music makes them feel.

Arts in the Middle School

Middle School students take an arts rotation each trimester, choosing from Theatre, Visual Arts, and Music. This rotating approach exposes students to a wide swath of arts experiences with teachers who are dedicated to expanding Middle School minds.

Especially at this unique developmental age, students find needed balance in their co-curriculars, which encourage Middle Schoolers to develop self-awareness, practice empathy and teamwork, and learn confidence in and out of the classroom. Each rotation offers a students a place to explore, experiment, and discover new things.

Arts in the Upper School

Arts are an integral part of the liberal arts curriculum at Wakefield in the Upper School. For our students, each of the three arts disciplines provides the welcome and needed reminder of how wide a range of choices they have for expressing themselves.

The fine arts are where the brain and the body unite to both playful and serious expression. They provide needed respite from the dominion of declamatory language over our communication. Additionally, coming to appreciate the richness of humanity's collected self-expression via the arts is at the heart of a liberal arts education.

With an arts department brimming with opportunities for music, theatre, art, photography, and publications, the school is encourages students to engage in opportunities knowing that they will stretch and grow. In addition to field trips to attend professional performances, students in all divisions enjoy cultural enrichment opportunities through attendance at special assemblies featuring professionals in the arts.

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