The Archwood Scholarship

Outstanding students entering 9th Grade are eligible to apply for the Archwood Scholarship, which is awarded each year to a new student with a demonstrated commitment to engagement inside and outside the classroom. That engagement might take any variety of forms, such as a deep interest in one or more academic subjects, or involvement in sports, the arts, or community service.

The Scholarship provides an annual award of half the tuition for the four years of Upper School, provided the recipient continue to live up to the values that characterize an Archwood Scholar. Those values include a passion for curiosity, an appreciation for scholarship, and a commitment to engagement.

The scholarship takes its name from Archwood Farm, which once existed on the land that is now Wakefield's campus.


To apply for the 2017-18 Archwood Scholarship, applicants should:
(1) make their interest known during the regular application process.
(2) be Virginia residents and have demonstrated the following: interest in and commitment to engagement inside and outside the classroom; an appreciation for the value and importance of authentic and broad scholarship; a track record that demonstrates a passion for curiosity; and an articulated vision of what engagement, scholarship and curiosity look like at the Upper School level.
(3) Submit an essay (250 to 500 words) or any other type of media format addressing the ways in which the student demonstrates the values of an Archwood Scholar by March 13, 2017.
(4) The winner will be announced by March 24, 2017.

Current Scholars

2016-17: Chelsea Mulkerin

Chelsea Mulkerin is from Gainesville and has a passion for math and for a variety of sports. She is on travel soccer, basketball and volleyball teams. She has been captain of her soccer team for three years. She won "Most well-rounded student" in 6th grade. We are not surprised because Chelsea is not only a great athlete, she plays the violin, is an outstanding academic achiever and has compassion for others.

Chelsea previously attended Ronald Reagan Middle School.

2014-15: Sofia Olmstead

Sofia Olmstead of Nokesville was awarded the Wakefield School Archwood Scholarship in 2014. Sofia is an avid reader (especially nonfiction) whose favorite subject is social studies. She also enjoys photography.

Wakefield gives Sofia an opportunity to try new classes and activities and to continue playing sports. Soccer is her favorite - she played midfield for her middle school team and also plays on a travel team.

Sofia previously attended Linton Hall School.

"I am really looking forward to coming to Wakefield and meeting a lot of new kids," she said.

Her favorite subject to study in school is social studies or anything that involves nonfiction. She also loves photography, no matter the subject.

"I just love taking pictures of anything and everything I see," she said.

She is the daughter of Timothy and Sevda Olmstead.

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