Arts are an integral part of the curriculum at Wakefield, from Pre-School through twelfth grades.

The arts provide the welcome and needed reminder of how wide a range of choices we have for expressing ourselves.

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The fine arts are where the brain and the body unite to both playful and serious expression. They provide needed respite from the dominion of declamatory language over our communication. Additionally, coming to appreciate the richness of humanity's collected self-expression via the arts is at the heart of a liberal arts education.

With an arts department brimming with opportunities for music, theatre, art, photography, and publications, the school is encourages students to engage in opportunities knowing that they will stretch and grow. In addition to field trips to attend professional performances, students in all divisions enjoy cultural enrichment opportunities through attendance at special assemblies featuring professionals in the arts.

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The AfterARTS Program extends into the evening, offering private lessons in piano, voice, woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings, ceramics and art classes. In spring the literary magazine staff often huddles over its computers until the wee hours, and evening rehearsals for one stage production or another are a nearly-perpetual feature of the Wakefield landscape.


Archwood Community Theatre (A.C.T.) offers opportunities for students, faculty, administrators, parents, and community members to participate together in plays and musicals produced on the Wakefield campus.

The All-School play offers similar opportunities annually for our students of all ages to share the remarkable learning and bonding experience, which is typical in the theatre.

At Wakefield, keeping the arts central to what we do means respecting both our own self-expression and the legacy of the world's self expression - a living cultural roadmap from which each child can learn and to which he or she can contribute.


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