Welcome from the Headmaster

Who can resist the idyllic setting of our school on the hill overlooking Thoroughfare Gap to the east and the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west?  But the view is certainly not the only reason to visit Wakefield School.  The Wakefield community of students, teachers, and parents is one that is strong, supportive, and nurturing.  We encourage individualism and independent thought and our students are encouraged to express their opinions freely.  We teach them to do so in the reasoned and articulate manner for which Wakefield School is renowned.

Wakefield also prides itself in providing our students with the skills to make them lifelong learners.  We encourage them to be the best they can be and to appreciate their contributions and the contributions of others whether in academics, the arts, athletics or service.  Our program is designed to challenge, yet support each student under the watchful eye and steady guidance of our highly skilled and deeply committed faculty.  We cultivate intellectual curiosity and train our students how to delve into that which makes them curious by offering age-appropriate skills development in the lower school.  We provide experiential learning opportunities in the middle school.  And we encourage our upper school students to take full advantage of a broad offering of courses that have translated into solid college preparation as reported by every Wakefield graduate over the years.

Our teachers perform the remarkable task of stimulating curiosity while seeking to fully engage each and every student.  Our courses come alive because our faculty share their passions in classrooms that are small enough to allow plenty of individual attention, but large enough to allow for a great diversity of perspective.  From reading Beowulf outside on the lawn on a sunny day to launching rockets on the upper field to photographing repeating geometrical shapes on the playground to practicing lacrosse throws, our teachers and coaches routinely strive to find new ways to illustrate and teach what it means to be capable, ethical, and articulate citizens of our world. 

We are thankful for our parents who not only entrust their children to us, but also believe in the benefits of our program and volunteer their time to assist in so many ways, seen and unseen, all over the campus and in all our most important and enjoyable events.  We encourage our parents to be as actively involved in their child’s activities as they wish through our room and grade parenting, the Wakefield Parents’ Association (WPA), the Athletic and Arts Boosters, substitute teaching, field trip chaperoning, and many more opportunities that come up throughout the school year.

I am pleased to be joining the Wakefield community as Interim Headmaster for the 2013 – 2014 academic year.  I was attracted to this fine school because it offered me an opportunity to continue to work in a setting of educational excellence.  In the time I have been here, it has become very clear that the Wakefield motto – seek the challenge, make a difference, and live an extraordinary life – is alive and well in the fabric of our school.  I am looking forward to a stimulating and productive year ahead.


Ed Costello

Ed Costello